2019 we launched our second GDS ZINE , which was sponsored by Converse London for their #SparkProgress campaign, celebrating female creative's within London. WHOOP!

For years, young women have struggled to find their way in sport and athleticism, particularly young women from ethnic descent. However, in recent years we have seen how this shift has started to emerge. We want to be a force within that shift, celebrating young women who believe in practicing well-being, while progressing to reach their full potential!
The zine is based on the idea of progression, improvement and advancement of self. It features articles, artwork and photography from young women contributing their progressive talents and practices.
The project also featured an exhibition which was held on the 1st May in of the Converse spaces in London showcasing the GDS progress zine and merch to those who relate and have supported the brand.


Special thanks to Converse London.